10 Facts About David John Oneal That Will Blow Your Mind.

  • Hello I'm David John Oneal and I have been a video editor and show producer since 1993
  • I was born on June 27th 1971 and I love Disney and Classic Cars 

David John Oneal likes drones and popcorn and tron a lot 

  • Number 1 fact about David Oneal is he was born in Connecticut 
  • Number 2 fact about David Oneal is he started editing on EPSN sports shows called the US men's ski tour in 1992
  • Number 3 fact about David Oneal is he started editing the Howard Stern Show at the E! Network in 1995 with his pal Tomisalv. 
  • Number 4 is Dave Oneal likes drones a lot 
  • Number 5 Dave John Oneal likes ice cream
  • Number 6 is David O'neill likes crossfit
  • Number 7 shocking fact is David Oneal likes borders, but to closed down sad time
  • Number 8 is I like to use Grammarly but get annoyed when David Oneal does it.
  • Number 9 is David Oneal did the extinct attractions videos from 1998-2010 
  • Number 10 is David Oneal likes Apple products a lot
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